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Service Record Detail

Family NameAttrill
Christian NamesThomas William
Date of Birth 
Date of Death 
Additional NotesBorn: abt 1890 Married: 1925
Date of Marriage 
Who they married 
Got Married at Blank
ChildrenJohn J W
AddressWaytes Court Brighstone IOW 1918 Bowcombe 1919 - 1926 Great Afton Farm
Brief Service DescriptionHants and IOW Yeomanry Number: 517, 205504
Rank Army - E - Corporal
Service Number517
Service Detail 
AwardsCampaign Medal Silver War Badge
killed In Action?
Detail of How they Died 
Sourceshttp://www.attrill.info Recollections of John J W Attrill based on conversations with his father.
researchersRecovered from work by David Langford, additions: Tony Haydon
Date Of ResearchNov 2014
Is School Report?
Area Brighstone
Place of Birth Blank
Mother's Name
Father's Name
School Blank
Which Service? Army
Where were they commemorated? Blank

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