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WW1 Sources held by the Isle of Wight Record Office



The Record Office has very little material relating to individual soldiers.  These records form part of the National Archive collection at Kew and can be accessed via their web site, Ancestry or Find My Past.

  We hold records relating to a wide range of sources most of which concern the home front.  Material marked with an asterisk in the list below is of particular importance and we would recommend that you consult these records.  Undated material relates to the duration of the First World War

 The following is a list of some suggested sources. It is not designed to be comprehensive but does demonstrate the types of records held at the Record Office.



 The Isle of Wight County Press is the most useful Newspaper source and includes a list of members of the Isle of Wight Rifles departing for Gallipoli, July 1915, rolls of honour, reports from soldiers at the front and appeals for sending material to the troops. From 1916, the paper also includes local tribunal hearings for those wishing to be exempted from conscription. Post-war, there are references to the construction of War Memorials and reconstruction, such as the adoption of Monchy-le-Preux in 1921/22.

 Other newspapers: Isle of Wight Observer, Times and Mercury.


 Especially camps near Yaverland, Sandown (MIL/PCA).

 1914, newspaper photograph of Princess Beatrice’s Isle of Wight Rifles, (DOI/29)

1915, print of Isle of Wight Rifles at Watford prior to departure to Gallipoli, (DOI/47)

1919, Print of 1st Volunteer Battalion IW Regiment (A Company) 2nd and 3rd Platoon Officers and NCOs (DOI/65)

1914-1919, photographs and discharge papers for H.O.Durnford, c1914-19 (AC 78/17)

Postcard: Views of Ryde from an armoured aeroplane c1919 (RYD/PCA/585)

Photograph of consecration service, Ryde War Memorial 1922  (AC90/41)

Postcard: Children at Godshill Council School painting text on eggs for brave soldiers (GDL/PCA/180)



Minutes of each of the Councils and the following :


 County Council

Smallholdings, Cultivation/Land Drainage/Rural, Standing Joint Committee for police; Industries/Livestock subcommittees, County War Agricultural Executive Committee (finance subcommittee), training of disabled ex-service men into Agriculture.

 Education Committee minutes (see also School Records)

 Urban District Councils  

Building Control plans: Cowes and East Cowes (including work at JS White)  

Registers of notifications of tuberculosis cases eg St Helens UDC 1913-20 (REF: IWCC/MOH/62)


 Isle of Wight Rural District

Medical Officer of Health: 1914 report refers to military camps. 1919 report includes flu outbreak and measures taken to try to control spread.


 Borough Councils

Newport: 1916-1922, National War Savings Committee Minute Book (NBC/45/319)

Newport: 1919, Papers relating to peace celebrations (NBC/1/1739A)

Newport: 1915, Agreement to hire of Corn Exchange by military (NBC/1/1648)

Newport: 1924, Papers relating to Newport War Memorial Committee, including minutes, accounts, correspondence. Memorial and purchase of Blue School as Newport War Memorial Nursing Home (NBC/1/1951a)

Ryde: Ryde Sub-Committee of Central War Relief Committee / National Relief Fund minute book, 1914-1916, 1916-18.

Ryde: over 900 records of cases applying to Military Service Tribunal for exemption form conscription. 1916-1918


Ryde Borough: Watch Committee: minutes, 1914-22. This volume contains details of operation of Aliens Act of 1914, including names of those allowed to stay in the Borough; references to military desertion cases, recruitment of special constables, policemen applying to join army


 Burial Boards


Records of Burial Boards reflect burials during and after the First World War. Of particular interest are minutes for Carisbrooke and Gatcombe which include references to employment of women in the cemetery, 1918; wooden memorial crosses, 1918-19.




 School Log Books include the impact of the war on school life, including decisions on letting teachers go to war, collection of materials for war effort and marking of Armistice. Examples from Hulverston School in the parish of Brook and Godshill School are available in a separate pamphlet.


Records also survive for some non-Parish schools of the period, such as Newport County School: Masters and scholars of Newport County School (AC2000/90)


1915, Whitecoft Asylum records: receipt of patients from West Sussex Asylum to enable that building to be used by wounded soldiers. (HO4/A4,5 and 7)


Minutes for the Guardians of the House of Industry during the war include provision for caring for the children of internees. (Z/HO)




Registers of Summary Jurisdiction. These Include Ryde, and Island Petty Sessions, with references to exemption from conscription from 1916. (CPS/REG/70-71)




Registers include references to those who took place in the 1916 Easter Rising, although this may be stray item from Maidstone Prison.




 Parish Registers include records of baptisms, marriages and burials on the Island throughout the war, and reflect life and death in the immediate post-war period.


Parish Records include Church School Records (see above). They were also often involved in the National War Savings scheme (GDL/APR/99Z/12), and efforts in the immediate post-war period to construct parish War Memorials:    


Arreton: Minutes of War Memorial Committee, with bills and receipts, 1919-20 (ARR/APR/17E/3)


Arreton: War Memorial Fund Bank book 1919-20 (ARR/APR/17F/1)


Bonchurch: photographs for consecration service for war memorial at church in Bonchurch, 1921   (BON/APR/100/6)


Godshill: War Memorial Committee Minutes, accounts and correspondence, 1919-21 (GDL/APR/99Z/2-4, 6 and 8)


Niton and Godshill: papers re War Memorials in Niton and Whitwell 1919-36 (NIT/PR/20)




Oglander Papers


The history of the Gallipoli Campaign by Aspinall-Oglander (OG/AO) *


Diaries of Florence Oglander (nee Somerset) (OG/D/FO)


Correspondence of John Oglander as County Director for the Red Cross, 1914-15 (OG/CC)


Correspondence of Joan Kennard (nee Oglander) nursing in France. (OG/CC)


 Papers of Lord Hallam Tennyson of Farringford


Bill: assessment of rent due from War Office on land occupied by trenches on Farringford Farm, 1916-17 (JER/LTF/20); damage caused by military occupation, and removal of chalk, 1915 (JER/LTF/27); Account Book of Dairy Produce of Farringford Farm, 1916-21 (JER/LTF/21); crop loss Easton Field, 1915 (JER/LTF/41)


Lease by War Department of land at Freshwater Bay/Watcombe Bay, 1913-18 (JER/LTF/57-58)


Removal of chalk by estate including by Golden Hill Fort, 1914-15 (JER/LTF/66)


 White Popham


Insurance against aircraft and bombardment, 1915 (WhP1007/26)




Sale of timber 1910-16, and Statutory Rules and Orders: Defence of the Realm 1918:1234. The Fuel Wood Order 1918; lists of servants for taxation purposes, 1914 (Box 80)


 JS White


Patents (JSW/11/1)


Aviation Account (JSW/11/9, JSW/37/9)


Correspondence re patents Hydro-Aero floats (JSW/11/11)


Specification for landing chassis for aeroplanes 1918, (JSW/11/13)


Specifications for steel steam boats for Royal Navy 1918  (JSW/16/4)


Balance Sheets 1905-21 (JSW/18/1)


Copies of Directors Report, 1914/15  (JSW/18/2)


Journal (JSW/26/1)


Affiche Parisienne 1912-16   (JSW/29/3)


Contract for Sea planes for the Portholme Aerodrome Company 1915 (JSW/33/2)


Flying machine patent, 1912 (JSW/41/9)


Folder of papers on property 1917-22   (JSW/42/1)


Plans of HM Submarine F2 1916-17 (AC2013/20)


 Cowes Ferry Committee:


Free trip for cadets on Floating Bridge 1916 (CFC/82)


Boiler supply to Whites 1916 (CFC/34) Duty passes for Osborne staff, (CFC/84)


Letter book of Cowes Ferry Company from 1916, includes pp1 and 55 Saunders/White tensions; p27, 37, 63 asking for priority certificate for delivery of boiler tubes and ferry chains; pp29-30 complaints about behavior of men from Barracks; p41 instructions over overcrowding of ferry; p46, 53 correspondence with Labour Exchange; p52 duty passes for cars from Osborne; (CFC/B/3)


 Clerk to the Lieutancy


Correspondence on National Reserve 1912-14   (JER/CTL/41-43)


 Papers of J H Whitehouse (AC96/52)


(These papers relate to Whitehouse in his role as MP for Mid-Lanark and have no specific Isle of Wight link. Whitehouse was private secretary to Lloyd George early in the war)


Discussions with White House staff about peace negotiations


Conscientious Objectors


Reports to the President of the Local Government Board on hostels for Belgian Refugees and correspondence, Nov 1914 – Mar 1915


Mid-Lanark papers and correspondence, 1913-16, including dispute over his opposition to government bill to introduce conscription


Report on visit to Belgium in September 1914 to ascertain the present condition and needs of civilians, memorandum of interview with the King of the Belgians, visit to Tormonde. Newspaper articles, pamphlets on peace and war by German and British theologians 1914-15, children and farm work, military training in schools, 1915, poster attacking changes to the Constitution by the Lloyd George government nd , moves towards an armistice or peace negotiation, 1917-18.


Articles / pamphlets: The Tragedy of Belgium, Belgium in War 1914




National Registration Card: c1915 (SHAL/B/94)


Isle of Wight Territorial Active Service Benefit Fund 1915-18  (FAR/DD/90)


Diary of Corporal Frank Henry Bailey of Ventnor, aged c 30, recording the journey of 4th Hants (Howitzer) Battery, and other batteries to India 1914  (AC 82/45)


Orders. Letters (AC82/36)


List of members of IW Rifles 31st August 1915. Extracts from Southern Daily Echo re letters written by Arthur Jack Watson, member of IW Rifles, 1915  (AC2005/54)


Ration books, 1916, 1918, 1919: Ac81/120, (SHAL/B/96-99)


Retailers’ sugar tickets, 1916 (SHAL/B/95)


Copies of documents re Miss Georgina Duckfield, an American, who wished to visit Isle of Wight during World War I and was classified as an alien, 1916-17 (AC2004/137)


Letter signed by King George V thanking the Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight for past services and asking for assistance forming a Territorial Army, 1917 (DOI/79)


Letter from Princess Beatrice to Sir Charles Seely transmitting the thanks of the King for Island response to the call for volunteers, 1919  (DOI/63)


Order to embark: Captain G Grove-Blackwell, 1916 (AC82/36)


Photographs and discharge papers for H.O.Durnford, c1914-19 (AC78/17)


Papers relating to correspondence of William Harold Buckett and Emmie Tutton (AC2013/54)


Transcript of County War Memorial entries – Folder 11.4.17


Details of war memorial for Havenstreet, 1919  (ARR/38)


Issue of war memorial crosses: minutes of Carisbrooke Burial Board 1917-18




The Dardanelles: An Epic told in Pictures (AC2005/34)


A Popular History of the Great War, vol II (AC2005/34)


Monchy-le-Preux: Arras by Colin Fox (AC2000/50)


(IW helps with reconstruction post-war (see also Newspapers Isle of Wight County Press  and Isle of Wight Observer)


Reconsidering Gallipoli: Dr Jenny MacLeod, 2004 (AC2004/93)


 Isle of Wight Record Office

 26 Hillside Newport PO30 2EB                                             

 Telephone: 01983 823821/20

 Email: record.office@iow.gov.uk






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